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Of electromagnetic pump for liquid metal

  • [PDF] Analysis and Design of Electromagnetic Pump

    The liquid metal flows in a semi-circular duct surrounding the rotor. The paper brings out the qualitative and quantitative analyses of the pump as function of magnetization of the permanent magnets, the speed of rotation of the pump and magnet pitch. This electromagnetic pump has been developed and is running successfully in our lab at BARC.

  • CA1136196A - Electromagnetic pumps for liquid metal

    Electro-magnetic pump for liquid metal comprising a part made of refractory material immersed in the liquid metal providing a conduit for the circulation of this metal under the effect of a magnetic field and an electric current perpendicular to each other at the place where they pass through the liquid metal circulating in the conduit.


    The concept of electromagnetic pumping of liquid metals was developed in the nineteen seventies first for zinc and aluminum and later for other molten metals. Electromagnetic pumps have many advantages over mechanical pumps including precise metal flow control without any moving parts, reduced energy consumption and less dross

  • Numerical modelling of liquid metal electromagnetic pump

    In this work, we study rotating permanent magnet based liquid metal pump. Full 3D model of the pump is created and different approaches to electromagnetic force computation are investigated. First, we seek a possibility to model the permanent magnet block consisting of many separate magnets as a single block with equivalent analytically prescribed magnetization.

  • Electromagnetic conduction-pump for liquid metal - Novatome

    The invention refers to an improvement applied to electromagnetic conduction-pumps for liquid metal, i.e., pumps in which the liquid metal is set in motion under the effect of a magnetic field and an electric current perpendicular to one another and passing through a rising channel for

  • Pyrotek Molten Metal Pumps Pyrotek

    Molten metal pumps can be either mechanical or electromagnetic. Pumps are used for forced circulation of furnaces, which is critical to optimize furnace operation to improve productivity and reduce cycle time, improve metal yield and chemical and temperature homogeneity. In addition, pumps are essential to transfer molten aluminium safely from

  • Electromagnetic pump - AccessScience from McGraw-Hill

    A pump that operates on the principle that a force is exerted on a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field. The high electrical conductivity of the liquid metals pumped (liquid metals are used as the heat-transfer media in some nuclear reactors and magnetohydrodynamic systems) allows a pumping force to be developed within the metals when they are confined in a duct or channel and

  • Electro-Magnetic Pumps for Liquid Metals - ScienceDirect

    The larger low­frequency pump competes with the d.c. conduction pump. A.c. pumps with combined transformer With the a.c. conduction pump, it is tempting to try to combine the pump and the transformer into one Primary winding winding Liquid (o' metal Laminated (c) The maximum size of pumps of this type is in the region 20 gal/min 20 lb/in2 with

  • LARGE ELECTROMAGNETIC PUMPS: Electric Machines & Power

    ABSTRACT The development of large electromagnetic pumps for the liquid metal heat transfer systems of fission reactors has progressed for a number of years. Such pumps


    simulation are compared to electromagnetic pump operation experimental data, validating the BEMC-1 code. This code is used to evaluate the DC electromagnetic pump performance applied to Mercury flow control and others liquid metal such as Sodium, Lead and Bismuth, used in nuclear fast reactors.

  • Electromagnetic pump - SlideShare

    May 21, 2013· Electromagnetic pump 1. Presented by: Farooq Ahmad Shah 2. Introduction Liquid metal are conductors. Based on the Flemings Left Hand Rule. Current flowing vertically through the liquid metal experiences a force (F = I L x B)along the tube as shown. 3.

  • Electromagnetic Pumps Creative Engineers, Inc.

    Electromagnetic pumps (or EM pumps) are unique pumps for use with liquid metals at temperatures up to 1500°F. They have no moving parts and no seals and, therefore, are ideal for use with molten metals, including alkali metals such as NaK, sodium, and lithium.

  • Electromagnetic conduction-pump for liquid metal - Novatome

    An electromagnetic conduction pump for liquid metal, including a part of refractory material; two magnetic circuits each including a horizontal arm embedded in the refractory material, the first having a gap and the other being closed; a rising channel arranged in the refractory material for pumping of the liquid metal passing through the gap in the first magnetic circuit and a closed turn of

  • Electromagnetic pump - Wikipedia

    An electromagnetic pump is a pump that moves liquid metal (or any electrically conductive liquid) using electromagnetism.A magnetic field is set at right angles to the direction the liquid moves in, and a current is passed through it. This causes an electromagnetic force that moves the liquid. Applications include pumping liquid metal through a cooling system.

  • LA Series Pumps CMI Novacast, Inc.

    CMI Novacast LA Series Electromagnetic Liquid Metal Pumps. CMI Novacast's LA series 3-phase linear annular induction pumps are constructed of stainless steel for pumping metals such as Na, NaK, K, and others. Some metals may require that the pump be made from other materials. The metal flows through the annular space between two concentric

  • What Is an Electromagnetic Pump? - wiseGEEK

    An electromagnetic pump is most often a device that uses electromagnetism to create flow in magnetically charged materials such as liquid metal. These kinds of pumps can be useful for many materials, including non-metal elements such as potassium.

  • Liquid Metal Flow in the Annular Passage of an

    Sep 21, 2010· An electromagnetic pump using tubular induction motor (TLIM) has been proposed to pump liquid metal fluids. TLIM has been designed for the liquid metal flow system with motor thrust force of about 4077 N. The flow characteristics have been investigated by

  • Electromagnetic Pumps for Liquid Metal-Fed Electric

    Source of Acquisition NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Electromagnetic Pumps for Liquid Metal-Fed Electric Thrusters* Kurt A. ~olzint and Thomas E. ~arkusici NASA-Marshall Space Flight Centel; Huizrsville, AL 35812 %This material is declaved a work of the U.S. Government and is not subject to copyl.ighi protection in the United States. I~esearch Scie~itist, Nuclear Systems Branch, Propulsion

  • Pump Cools Chips with Liquid Metal WIRED

    Jul 21, 2008· No, the LM10 uses liquid metal: Think T1000 in your PC. that its "patent pending multi-string electromagnetic pump" will use a lot less power than conventional electromagnetic pumps.

  • Analysis and Design of Electromagnetic Pump

    The liquid metal flows in a semi-circular duct surrounding the rotor. The paper brings out the qualitative and quantitative analyses of the pump as function of magnetization of the permanent magnets , the speed of rotation of the pump and magnet pitch. This electromagnetic pump has been developed and is running successfully in our lab at BARC.

  • Liquid-Metal Pump Technologies for Nuclear Surface Power

    3. REVIEW OF ELECTROMAGNETIC PUMP TECHNOLOGIES EM pumps exploit the fact that liquid metals are conducting fluids capable of carrying current.4 By orienting a magnetic field perpendicular to a current passing through the liquid metal, a streamwise j × B Lorentz body force is exerted on the fluid. This has the effect of either accelerating the

  • Analysis and Design of Electromagnetic Pump

    Electromagnetic pump is used for driving liquid metals in various industrial and research set ups. Liquid metals are invariable toxic and are mostly operated at high temperatures. Loops used for the study of corrosion and MHD studies need to maintain liquid metal purity within tight limits. Electromagnetic pumps provide non-

  • Design of Annular Linear Induction Pumps for Space Nuclear

    Sep 17, 2014· Electromagnetic pump Annular linear induction pump Thermomagnetic systems Liquid metal Engineering MHD Magnetohydrodynamics Space reactors Fission surface power Space nuclear systems FSP This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

  • Electromagnetic pump - definition of electromagnetic pump

    Define electromagnetic pump. electromagnetic pump synonyms, electromagnetic pump pronunciation, electromagnetic pump translation, English dictionary definition of electromagnetic pump. n a device for pumping liquid metals by placing a pipe between the poles of an electromagnet and passing a current through the liquid metal Collins English

  • Liquid Metal Walls -

    Liquid metal walls 1. Reduce impurities and recycling [1mm thick, 1mm/s to 1cm/s] Electromagnetic Pump EPDM Pipes Initial test at low speed. Other sensors: LIDAR, Ultrasound and Infra-red 44 LIDAR Might not work on shiny surface Expensive [Photo: Keyence] Ultrasound Liquid metal

  • The magnetic field and performance calculations for an

    For an annular-type electromagnetic pump of a liquid metal, the magnetic field is found in closed form by means of the Fourier transform method for two-dimensional field analysis based on an equivalent current sheet model, so that the terms contributing to the normal thrust and the end effect are analytically identified. Analytical solutions for the magnetic vector potentials are compared with

  • Performance characteristics of an electromagnetic pump

    tailed the calculations necessary to design an annular induction pump for·liquid bismuth. One of the earliest applications of electromagnetic pumping was in the metal casting industry (5). Electromagnetic pumps were used to transfer molten aluminum from furnaces to

  • Welcome to Precimeter - Molten metal level control

    Precimeter is a world leading supplier offering sensors, actuators, electromagnetic pumps and more for molten metal applications. See our products Laser Camera Sensors. Specifically designed for molten metal level measurement.


    The research and development on electromagnetic pumps at the Institute for Advanced Studies IEAv started in 1988. Mercury was chosen as working fluid, for experimentation purpose, because it is a liquid metal at room temperature. Two direct current electromagnetic pumps

  • Electromagnetic Pumps for Liquid Metal-Fed Electric

    An important component in a liquid metal-fed thruster is the mechanism that applies pressure to force propellant from a reservoir to the thruster. While there are many ways to pressuiize the propellant, we chose to develop electromagnetic (EM) pumps to exploit the

  • Molten Metal Loop Driven by Electromagnetic Pump

    future nuclear energy. In this concept, transporting liquid metal still poses many challenges in engineering design and material detection and accountability. In this senior design project, the team is exploring a design using the electromagnetic pump. Geometric configurations and pressure drop of the molten metal loop will be studied.

  • Liquid metal Flow Stability of the EM Pump for the STELLA

    The electromagnetic (EM) pump with a nominal flowrate of 100 L/min was designed for the liquid sodium circulation in the STELLA facility [1]. The electrically conducting liquid sodium fluid in its annular channel suffers from an axial electromagnetic force. The electromagnetic force in the fluid gives a


    electromagnetic pump requires that the liquid metal wet the pump tube. It is best to select a pump with a maximum performance above the expected normal operating point or to specify required performance and details of the application so that the appropriate pump may be recommended.

  • Learn About Electromagnetic Pump Chegg

    In a Thermoelectric pump the current flowing through the liquid is derived from the thermal power which is contained in the hot liquid metal flow. The two main applications of electromagnetic pumps include cooling nuclear reactors and the pouring and transportation of metals in the foundry which have extremely high temperatures.


    A quench tank, arranged in a circulation path of a liquid metal loop, for separating and cooling liquid metal steam or mixed gas in a liquid metal introduced in a tank main body, comprising the electromagnetic pump according to claim 5, an inlet side of which is connected to the tank main body.

  • Electromagnetic Pump (EMP) Systems Pyrotek

    Overview. Electromagnetic pump systems (EMPs) are molten metal pump systems without mechanical parts. They are designed for efficient forced furnace circulation, molten metal transfer and charging of light-gauge scrap and alloy additions in applications for continuous or dry-hearth operations, in static or tilting furnaces and single-chamber or multi-chamber furnaces.

  • Liquid metal enabled pump - PNAS

    liquid metal enabled pump, for driving a range of liquids without mechanical moving parts, upon the application of modest electric field.This pump incorporates a droplet of liquid metal, which induces (10), electromagnetic (11) effects, or deformation through elec-trowetting (12). Mechanical pumping systems have several draw-

  • The design of electromagnetic pumps for liquid metals

    The practical design of electromagnetic pumps is discussed with particular reference to construction of the duct/electrode element. Common features of electrical design are explained in terms of a simple theory of tube efficiency.The scope of d.c. pumps in meeting different duties and practical conditions is indicated. Some results of an experimental investigation of d.c. pump performance in a

  • Electromagnetic Pump for Liquid Metal - YouTube

    Jul 14, 2015· A special pump has been built to sustain liquid metal flows in a broad range of velocities. A set of permanent magnets is mounted on a ferromagnetic rotor. T

  • Design analysis of DC electromagnetic pump for liquid

    Nov 01, 2017· 1. Introduction. Electromagnetic pumps have been employed for transporting various liquid metals with high electrical conductivity, including liquid sodium in a sodium fast reactor (Gutierrez and Heckathorn, 1965, Kim, 2014).A DC electromagnetic pump moves liquid metal using the Lorentz force generated from an independent driving current and the magnetic field perpendicular to the

  • Electromagnetic pump for liquid metals. (Patent) OSTI.GOV

    OSTI.GOV Patent: Electromagnetic pump for liquid metals. Electromagnetic pump for liquid metals. Full Record; Other Related Research; Authors: Radchenko, R V; Mokrushin, S A Publication Date: Sat Jul 01 00:00:00 EDT 1972 Research Org.: Originating

  • Electromagnetic flow measurements in liquid metals using

    unit represented by an electromagnetic pump. In a second series of model experiments, using the test facility LiMeSCo (liquid metal surface velocity correlation measurements), we apply the time-of-flight LFV technique to determine free-surface velocities. Here, we evaluate equations (8) and (10) and use small-size cubic permanent magnets of

  • Compact, Lightweight Electromagnetic Pump for Liquid Metal

    Aug 01, 2010· The principle of operation of this or any such pump involves exploitation of the electrical conductivity of the molten metal: An electric current is made to pass through the liquid metal along an axis perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the flow channel, and a magnetic field perpendicular to both the longitudinal axis and the electric current is superimposed on the flowchannel region containing the electric current.